Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Introducing Urban Sketchers Den Haag!

The stork appears on Den Haag's emblem
Den Haag is a wonderfully creative city, with plenty of things to sketch and artists to sketch them. So why not have our own local Urban Sketchers group?

I put this question to my fellow sketchers on Saturday as we walked towards the Marthal in Rotterdam. To my surprise, there seemed to be just as much interest among our Belgian visitors as there was along the locals. It seems that sketchers love to travel as much as they love to draw!

Encouraged by their responses, on Monday morning I created a Facebook page and a Twitter account for a brand new urban sketchers group in Den Haag.

Very soon there was a show of interest, with artists Ceara Lg, Daragh Walsh, and John Henniger posting sketches they had already done in Den Haag. (See their sketches below.) We even gained the attention of the Düsseldorf / Köln, prompting Ruud Otten to create a new European Urban Sketchers facebook group.